I remember the day I decided to begin training to step on stage. I was filled with excitement and fear at the same time. At 39 years old I knew I was getting into the game late. I did not care. I did this for me, to prove that I could. And I proved way more to myself than I ever dreamed.

Sure, getting a pro card sounded sexy. It also sounded completely out of my reach so I never made it my goal. My goal was to get into the best shape of my life. I trained hard, I stayed consistent, and most importantly I learned. If I wasn’t training, I was learning. YouTube videos, podcasts, blogs, you name it, I consumed it when it came to bodybuilding and the bikini division. I kept thinking, “why is there not a resource with ALL of this information”? Little did I know that only a few years later I would create that resource in the Bikini Competition Academy. More on that later.

I nailed the training part right away. I loved weight training. But nutrition was a huge obstacle. Everything I read contradicted other things I read. I was so confused. My lack of nutrition knowledge was holding me back from my goal of achieving the best physique of my life. I threw in the towel and hired a coach. Best thing I ever did.

Hiring a coach was an investment. I learned from my coach about nutrition. I learned through experience. It was a priceless education that has kept me in the best shape of my life for 4 years! If you ever wonder if paying for a coach is necessary, I say emphatically “Yes! If you want quicker results”. The thing is, you can learn on your own but it will take longer.

After hiring my coach I began prep. My first competition was the 2017 NPC Natural Indianapolis. I went to that show with no expectations. I was horrified when I got backstage and saw the beautiful athletes. I felt like I was not ready. I literally stood in a corner the whole time. Then a crazy thing happened! I won 1st place in the novice category, 1st place in the open bikini category, and 1st place in masters! I then went on to win the overall bikini title! Me!! The gal who stood in the corner feeling like I should not be in a room with so many gorgeous athletes!

Eight months later I competed in my second show, NPC Teen, Collegiate, Masters Nationals. Again, I sat alone, insecure, and terrified to be there. This was nationals and only my second show ever. I did not expect to place in the top 5, I only wanted more experience on stage. Guess what? I won my IFBB Pro card that day. Absolutely in disbelief.

I was 40 years old when I competed the first and second time. Three kids, full time job, busy life. I did it. And so can you!

How to do it

There are 5 big things you must do to successfully step on stage as a bikini athlete.

  1. Get your mindset in the right place. A key pivot in my training is when I stopped saying “why me?” and began saying “why not me?” Truly, if I can do it, you can too!!!!
  2. Start weight training. If you are not sure how, get a personal trainer to show you the basics such as how to use the equipment, and proper form. You can get a great weight training plan from bodybuilding.com. That is where I got my first plan!
  3. Be consistent. Muscle building requires consistent training. Stick with it!
  4. Make nutrition a priority. You need good nutrition to grow those muscles! You also need good nutrition to lose body fat. A coach is undoubtedly your best option. Remember, a coach is an investment in your goals!
  5. Enjoy the journey! It is a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy each phase of your changing physique. The sport is called bodybuilding, not bodybuilt. It is ongoing!

You can do it!

The Bikini Competition Academy is the ONLY resource online that takes you from the very beginning of this journey through the end and into your new lifestyle as a bikini athlete!

If you need a great coach we have that covered too!! I am personally accepting new clients! Click here for more info!

High Five!!! Lacy Green IFBB Pro