What is a Fitness Coach?

A fitness coach understands that the better a client moves, the more she’ll enjoy moving. Fitness coaching begins with teaching competence in nutrition and exercise while addressing the mental approach to these lifestyle changes. 

Instead of focusing on what not to eat if she wants to lose weight, the coach encourages her to think about what she should eat to get the best results from her workouts. The goal of a fitness coach with clients is to guide the client to change from someone who merely endures exercise into someone who enjoys it.

I am often asked “what is the difference between a fitness coach and a personal trainer?”

A fitness coach is a personal trainer who is also educated to guide clients in nutrition choices. A coach is typically never physically present with clients and can work with clients from anywhere in the world remotely. Fitness coaches guide clients through every aspect of the fitness journey are present daily in the lives of their clients. A personal trainer is with clients for limited sessions each week, guiding workouts and ensuring proper form with exercises.

I became a fitness coach because I was deeply troubled by the ladies who faithfully came to my gym spending hundreds of dollars on fitness classes but never changing their body. The missing link for them was nutrition. Once nutrition is addressed and adhered to, women changed their bodies entirely! I discovered the perfect marriage between nutrition and exercise for best results and created a successful coaching program for women.

If you want someone to guide you personally through a workout a few times a week, get a personal trainer. If you want a full body transformation, hire a coach like me.


High Five!!! Coach Lacy

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