There is no doubt the current step backs are challenging to our mindset. Our comfort level is changing and we are facing a new normal. Whenever we have a goal and an obstacle gets in the way we have a choice. We can choose to have a growth mindset or we can choose a fixed mindset. But it’s a choice that we get to make individually. Let’s look at ways I can help you choose a growth mindset so you can continue to pursue your goals and overcome every obstacle that gets in your way.

First, let’s define a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. A growth mindset is open to new possibilities and is willing to adjust controllable life factors in order to continued success. A fixed mindset refuses to step outside of normal comfort and familiarity. When we function with a growth mindset we still experience feelings of loss, grief, sorrow, and often defeat. When we function with a fixed mindset we are bitter, angry, frustrated, and we remain in defeat.  It is clear that a growth mindset is most beneficial to our mental health and our goals.

 The first step in establishing and strengthening your growth mindset is to acknowledge and then embrace your weaknesses and your strengths.  You can do this by taking a look in the mirror at yourself and thinking about where you are succeeding at a growth mindset and also where you are succeeding in a fixed mindset. Write down the good and the bad.  Ask close family and friends to tell you the areas where you are weak and strong in regards to having a growth mindset. Having this information allows you to begin the process of changing your thought pattern in a very progressive way so that you can continue to pursue your goals.

Many times we do not realize areas where we have a fixed mindset. It takes a very intentional internal examination of our attitudes and behaviors. It can be painful facing areas of our life where we need to grow. But facing them is the best thing we can do if we would like to continue to grow.

There are six strategies I have personally used to develop my growth mindset. You learned the first in this blog. You can get the rest of them here In my complete guide to mindset growth.