I have often shared that hiring my first coach was a game changer for my fitness journey. I was faithful to the gym, I weight trained 7 days per week using a plan I found on bodybuilding.com. I was certainly gaining strength and muscle mass but not losing body fat. I was very frustrated.

I knew the problem was my nutrition. I read a funny facebook post that stuck with me. It said you can not outrun your fork. I began researching weight loss and was more confused than ever! It seemed that all I could find was someone trying to sell me a program, a pill, and alot of gimmicks. I tried to talk to a personal trainier in my gym but she had no idea how to teach me what to eat. In fact, she was overweight herself and admtted that she was struggling with nutrition. I kept researching and found a bikini coach. I decided to give a coach a try since they plan for nutrition with weight trainig.

This was the very best decision I made for my fitness journey. It changed my life. Four years later I am still in the best shape of my life and I know exactly how to eat to stay this way. Investing in a coach made this possible.

Here are 3 ways hiring a coach changed my life:

  1. It saved me time. Without the guidance of a coach I would have spent hours of trial and error as I learned on my own. While it can be done without a coach, I was able to achieve my goals much faster by utilizing the knowledge of my coach.
  2. It helped me never diet again. I learned how to eat for my goals as a lifestyle. I never need to yo-yo diet again. I consistently stay in the best shape of my life while enjoying foods I love.
  3. I learned how my body responds to exercise, food, and rest. I am able to look, feel, and perform my best everyday because I understand my individual body.

I have never regretted the investment I paid to hire a coach. When I think back on the years I lost trying to yo-yo diet and the money I wasted on gimmicks I only wish I hired a coach sooner!

I am accepting new coaching clients! Let’s chat and see if we are a great fit for each other! Email me and we can talk: lacygreen@c323fitness.com