I love the story behind the phrase “burn the ships”.   If you don’t know the story, here is the short version; long ago an Arab Commander named Tarik took his men by ship to an island for a battle. Upon arrival to the island, he ordered his men to burn all of the ships they arrived on! He then said to them

“Behind you is the sea. Before you is the enemy. You are vastly outnumbered.  All you have is a sword and courage”.

Tarik the Arab leader

He was letting his men know that retreating was not an option. You either win or you die. While that does sound quite drastic when compared to a fitness journey it does relate to fitness on many levels.

We know that all change begins with a choice.  Many of us have made multiple attempts at achieving our fitness dreams. we make the choice and we get excited about starting the new Journey. Annnndddddddddd then we quit. We retreat because we did not make winning our only option. We did not burn our ships.

I look at the island in the story as our goal. Everyone’s goal is different and the goal is important to each individual nonetheless.

I see the ships as our old lifestyle aka our bad habits. This is the lifestyle that put us in the place we want to turn away from.

Finally, I see the enemy before us as our comforts because it is our lack of comfort that causes us to retreat.

The Army fought together knowing that they could not retreat. An army together is stronger than an individual alone. My passion is to help women look feel and perform their best. I am forming an army that will burn the ships and charge forward towards success together. I am creating a guide that will help you burn the ships.

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