As our country moves forward with opening our gyms, our mindset will change again as we adapt to yet again another new normal.

Rather than giving you ideas on what you should do, I have four things you should not do as you prepare to get back into your gym routine

#1. Don’t be tempted to seek a quick fix. Being at home for the last few weeks made it tempting to eat poorly while getting much less exercise. It is possible you gained weight over this time. It is okay! You can lose weight, but not with quick fixes. Pills, detoxes, wraps, and similar products only exist to provide an income for businesses who prey on your emotions.

#2. No crash diets! Short term excessive cardio and starvation diets are a sure way to crash your motivation for long term success. Your best approach is to stay consistent in a diet that is in a caloric deficit with reasonable cardio long term.

#3. Do not pick up where you left off. After time off the gym, your body needs time to readjust to your workouts. It is not a good idea to try to PR the first week. Ease into your workouts and take it easy as your body gets accustomed to training again.

#4. Do not feel pressure to get back in the gym right away. Just because the gym opens you do not need to feel obligated to jump right back in. It took time for you to adjust to a new way of life without your gym and it will take time to adjust to resuming the gym. It is okay to take your time getting back to that routine.

It is okay if you are not ready to face the gym yet. There will be changes that might take your emotions by surprise. For most of us, the gym is our stress relief so the newness of life in the gym might be emotional. If you need help adjusting emotionally, reach out in the Bikini Academy Facebook page. We are here for you!