About Lacy Green


My Story

At 42 years old I have quite a collection of adventures to share with you.  I will do my best to keep it short and sweet.

In school, I had no aptitude for athletics.  I was mostly interested in social settings.  At 19 years old I had my first child and spent the first decade of young adult life being a single mom, going to college, and working full-time.  I graduated from college and began my career as a Registered Respiratory Therapist got married, and had my second child.  My career kept me busy and fitness was far from my mind.  Just under 10 years of marriage I found myself a single mom again, this time with 2 little ones to care for.  I had just begun my 30’s and was miserable.

Shortly after my divorce, I met my husband, Andy and we quickly knew that we were meant for one another.  We were married quickly then had our son 2 years later.  Five days after giving birth to my youngest, my husband was deployed with the Army National Guard to Afghanistan.  While deployed he weight trained for hours daily.  When he returned home a year later he was giant!  He packed on an incredible amount of muscle mass, stepping off the plane looking like a superhero!  Settling into civilian life was a challenge so he used the gym to help him manage his stress.  I didn’t mind him going to the gym after work each evening because I knew he needed it and in his civilian job he is a law enforcement officer.  Being physically fit is important for his career.  But I missed him terribly.  I did not want him to stop the gym so I decided to tag along with him.  I spent the first week watching him and allowing him to teach me.  Then I picked up a weight and the rest his history.  I fell in love with weight training at 38 years old.





Being an all or nothing gal, I became ISSA certified as a Personal Trainer.  I wanted this certification so I would know everything about weight training.  I was consistent and faithful to my training and my muscles grew quickly.  I became very frustrated because I could not get my diet in line.  I decided to hire a coach and also got ISSA certified in Fitness Nutrition.  This is when everything changed.

I decided to enter the 2017 NPC Natural Indianapolis.  I was 40 years old.  I won 1st place novice, 1st place open bikini, 1st place masters, and I won the overall.  My first show!

My second show was 8 months later at the 2018 NPC Teen, Collegiate, Masters Nationals.  I earned my IFBB Pro card at that show, my second time ever on stage.

My most notable competition as a pro was when I had to pleasure of competing in the inaugural IFBB Ben Weider Natural Pro, the first-ever drug tested IFBB Pro show in history.

I retired from Respiratory Therapy after 15 years and currently work full time as a Real Estate Investor and as a Fitness Coach.  Additionally, I created and manage the Bikini Competition Academy.