our story…

A grocery trip sparked the dream of the Bikini Competition Academy.

When I was training for my first show, I experienced a moment that will stay with me forever.  

I was using the hack squat machine and when I stood up from the machine I caught a glimpse of a woman in the far mirror.  I thought to myself “wow! She looks fit!”  And then instantly I realized it was me.  I took a long look at this woman in the mirror as tears of joy and triumph filled my eyes.  My hard work was showing and I had never seen my physique look this way.  My gratitude left such an impression on me that I knew I had to help other women experience this same feeling!

It took 2 years to realize how this dream would manifest.  During my training, I kept saying to myself “why hasn’t anyone created a place with all the bikini information?”  I became frustrated looking for guidance on my hair, tan, backstage, etc.

After I earned my IFBB Pro card I was grocery shopping one day, again thinking about how  I could help other women reach their dreams.  While strolling past the lettuce a thought hit me.  I knew I should create a learning academy for bikini athletes.  And I did.  I am smiling as I write this because I have such a love for my girls inside the academy.  Earning a pro card was fun but it does not compare to the connections inside the academy.


Lacy Green